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Por Admin  |   10 Sep 2018

The SOLUTEK Group, constantly invests to offer new solutions in automation of equipment and processes, with the purpose of increasing the competitiveness of the industry through solutions that make factories more productive, efficient and intelligent, allowing our customers to stand out in an increasingly competitive global scenario.

The growing demand for product quality, together with the reduction of costs, means that more and more companies are looking for automation systems for the most diverse stages of production.

We only work with high quality materials and international presence, giving our customers the tranquility and efficiency they seek in their systems.

We specialize in complete power and control panels, high, medium and low voltage plants, special anti-explosion standards panels , for all the product lines we develop, we have automation and management systems with applications and monitoring software for control, from small specific applications to factories and complete production lines. We have products for remote administration, mobile, and several tools for management as a whole.

We can develop different lines, such as:

  • Automatic Assembly Lines
  • Robotized cells
  • Special Machines
  • Collaborative Robotics
  • Inspection and test lines
  • Serialization and Traceability
  • Consumer goods
  • Integration with Platforms
  • Electrical panels in general
  • Command and Force Panels (CCM)
  • Development of High, Medium and Low Voltage Systems;
  • Intelligent Management Systems / Supervisories for Industrial Plants;
  • Thermometry Systems;
  • System for Monitoring Levels in Silos, Storage and Transportation;
  • System of Adaptation and Interconnection of Data for Industry 4.0;

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Joinville - Santa Catarina


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