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Por Admin  |   10 Sep 2018

Focused on our customers´ need and aiming to provide solutions for end of packing line, our engineering dedicated in the development of equipment for weight inspection, metals and production, for the most different product presentations, whether in boxes, cases, bags, units, grains, seeking to meet all production speeds

The equipment operates through PLC and can work in perfect synchronism with vertical, horizontal packing, cartoning, flowpacks, high production filling, or even manual feeding. We are the only one in the market that integrated the equipments and can be operated in the same equipment operation screen, saving spaces and increasing productivity.

Our Flow Scales´ systems, Checkweighers and Metal Detectors, are applicable in all types of industry whether Food, Agro (Grains), Medicinal, Cosmetics, Refrigerators, Chemicals etc. and product forms such as Grains, Units, Liquids, Pasty, Granulated, Frozen, Powdered, Flasks, Boxes, jars, bottles (glass, plastic and cardboard), etc.

A big difference of our equipments, is that we have our own capacity in software development, controllers and integration of different types of equipments as filling, packing ,boxing, cartoning , flowpack, of high and low production, with our management software ( supervisory) for production , in the most diverse industrial platforms , offering remote access and via Mobile for the management of the equipment 

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