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Por Admin  |   10 Sep 2018


The Sat Paraná Bagging and Palletization line is accompanied of various auxiliary equipment that allow an efficient and intelligent bagging and palletization cycle. With Engineering sectors, qualified Research and  Projects, we are always developing ways to automate and make more practical and faster the Bagging and palletizing of bagged products.

The assembly of a Bagging and palletizing line is unique for each client: we develop according to the need and physical space of each one, equipping the Bagging and palletization cycle with the best products of the market, with 100% Brazilian technology, raw material with special treatment and minds that work daily in order to increase their production capacity and bagging.

We have different models and solutions for the transport of Bags, Pallets, Cardboard Applicators, Strech Film Applicators, to integrate in the most different lines, attending 100% of the client´s need.

Palletization and Technological Development System of Bagging.


The Pallet Feeding Magazine has been designed for the efficient storage of pallets (or bags) in the palletization cycle or even BIG-BAG. Its operation begins through the gearmotor, which transmits the force responsible for the movement of the chain in which the "drag-bag" is fixed, transporting the bag to the front, where the table is located. At this point, the bag passes through a sensor "bag-presence", which automatically activates the pneumatic system, tilting the table to continue the process.


The Check Weigher is one of the optional equipment for the SAT Palletizer, acting efficiently in the palletization cycle.

Its function is to receive the bag from the conveyor belt, check through its central belt if the packaging weight is according to the programmed weight in the electronic control and discarding bags that are out of the weight through the discard belt. A secondary function of the Check Weigher is when in the same line different weights of the same product are bagged, where the Check Weigher acts as SORTER, leaving the bags of a certain weight in the primary line and discarding the bags with other weights for a line of secondary belt, allowing storage to occur at the same time in different pallets.


The Roots Type Compressors were developed to promote better performance and greater agility in the bagging of products in valved bags. In the case of solid construction, the blower has a long useful life:the side bodies and impellers are made of cast iron, the impellers are dynamically balanced from the mechanized center, providing an operation free of vibration.

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