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Por Admin  |   29 Apr 2019

The vertical packing machine SOLUTEK of the VACUUM and SQUARE/BOTTON series, is specially designed for the dosage and packaging in "Vacuum Pack" format of dry products such as: vegetables, rice, salt, sugar, short pasta, flours, coffee as  other dry products, either as fresh or frozen products such as meats, steaks, portions, poultry, etc., and vegetables.

The machine manufactures the bag starting from flat coil sheet , which can be applied in polyethylene sheets or laminated tray sealing complex materials. The traction system or special circular conveyor collects the pillow package or flat bottom, depending on the application, through a station/vacuum pump makes the VACUUM process, through a fully automatic process. You can also incorporate a label applicator device to form bags with "easy open" system, Self-adhesive labels, etc. The machine can be accompanied by a many complements such as: extractor belt, elevator to feed the packing machine, vibrating table, thermal printer coding or thermal transfer to print dates, batches or barcodes, etc.

In case our client has a special application and needs or wishes to pack with preformed packages, even  paper, polipaper, SOS, we have equipment to meet this need, where the packaging system is fed through a magazine of preformed packages, applies to the packaging system and the same equipment fills and seals the bags.

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