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Por Admin  |   02 mai 2019

In the industrial processes for final products that use bottles and containers there are many variables that involve how to handle these items, insert final product in the package, apply the identification label, and care for seals application, security seals and records. For all these activities and sub-processes SOLUTEK is present to help your product to be well packed and seen in the market.

In the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, industrial and cleaning industries there is a basic need: to align a set of activities as labeling, packaging, container testing and sealing with the production of high performance.

The products of this line are the key to this need, and also join the SOLUTEK electronic and technological experience with the product and identity of your brand and company.

In this range of options and systems we offer solutions for:

  • Feeders, Stackers and Balers;
  • Application of covers and accessories;
  • Microphone Testers:
  • Manga or sleeve type labeling;
  • Pre-Tunnels and Shrink Tunnels for Sleeve application;
  • Filling machine
  • Feeders, Forklift and Balers;
  • Among other special projects for your need.

Your product here is not left without identity. SOLUTEK will be your partner in raising your brand through embedded technology equipments and solutions.

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