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Por Admin  |   10 set 2018

Based on the client´s need and aiming to provide solutions for the end of line packaging, our engineering is dedicated in the development of equipments for assembling display and cases, automatic cartoning (Horizontal and Vertical), display and cases seamers, for the most different presentations of products, whether in boxes, bags, unit products , parts , seeking to meet all production speeds . Pointing at the greatest flexibility for our customers, whether in  feeding type ,carton form , speed and disposition of the products inside the boxes.

The equipments operate through PLC and can work in perfect synchronism with vertical, horizontal , Sachet machine, Cartoners, Flowpacks, high production packing machines, fillers, or manual feeding.

Seeking the greatest flexibility of the market our systems are developed and improved in each project always looking for ease and operation simplicity of presentation changes, preserving productivity.

We can currently serve the most different types of cases and display of cardboard automatic bottom, or those that need closing by Hotmelt or assembled flap.

We can offer the boxing system with different types of product insertion , either Horizontal or Vertical, with GRAVITY system (Pick and place or drop packer ) and SIDE LOAD ( Lateral Inset Boxing )

Applicable in all types of industry such as Food, Medicinal, Cosmetics, Pet, Refrigerators, Chemicals, etc. and product forms as Unitary, Liquid, Pasty, Granulated, Frozen, Powdered, Jars, Packs, Sachet, bags, Pounch, Boxes, Pots , bottles (glass, plastic and cardboard), Bottles, etc.


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