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Por Admin  |   10 Sep 2018

The Robotized Palletization System is applicable to the most diverse segments or types of products, being boxes, pieces, fillets, bales or bags. We offer a large number of accessories that make possible various layout configurations, whether palletizing or depalletizing , process and configurations, as well as bringing agility to the production line.

We have a specialized team responsible for the survey and analysis of applications. All systems are built and developed according to the regulation standards offering maximum safety in the operation.


The robots execute fast and standardized movements increasing the final production of the client, elevating the efficiency of the productive chain and aligning the company with the most modern automation in the market. The perfect presentation of palletized loads guarantees a safe transport and a positive reaction of the final customer.

For the Application of palletizing we count on a  full Line of whole cells:

  • Palletization and Depalletization cells, both models by Robotic Arm and Cartesian axis systems;
  • Product Packing Cells as Primary Packaging;
  • Carton Boxed cells of products in all the Areas;
  • Jaws and Tools to be used both for palletization and diverse process applications, movement, boxing, etc. by Robot;
  • SORTER systems for distribution of different products in palletizing station, by code, weight or specification of use;
  • Fixation Base either in floor, wall or ceiling ;
  • Safety perimeter with advanced labor safety system for cell operation
  • Transportation of empty and full Pallets
  • Pallet Feeding Magazine
  • Film Strech Applicator System


Main advantages for the use of ROBOT :

  • Low maintenance need, presential or remote (from distance) technical assistance
  • Possibility of compact layouts;
  • Ergonomics and Elimination of Repetitive and Unhealthy Activities by operators;
  • Low energy consumption .
  • Pallet Precision and standardization, once the robot works in a standard way
  • Safety
  • Damage reduction to the final product

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