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Por Admin  |   28 Apr 2019

The complement and integration of new tools is fundamental for the development of our products, for which we have the support of foreign companies that provide us state-of-the-art technology and equipment with artificial vision to perform the different tests in the field.

We offer different solutions, with innovative design and certified quality materials, thanks to artificial intelligence (Machine Vision) and automation. The developments are proposals that are at the forefront of the market, and that also seek to evolve and further increase the design possibilities.

We focus on merging new technologies to control and monitor a process, machine or device, making it operate automatically, minimizing the time in its execution and thus optimize processes, speed and efficiency is key.

Among the main solutions we have system capable of:

  • INTELLIGENT COUNTING: applied to count pieces, animals, products, in general, at high speed regardless of the order or separation they have, using 3D profilometry technology that incorporates, it is possible to filter the objects according to the height they have .


  • INSPECTION BY COLOR: incorporates a sensor with spectrophotometric technology that processes the colors in a perceptual way (as the human eye does), which works independently of ambient light


  • QUALITY INSPECTION: Equipment that detects the different causes of degradation presented by the product such as fish, poultry, meat, during its passage through the process line. The system is responsible for analyzing the anomalies of the fillet / piece / piece of Fish, Poultry, Meat, or different products, such as melanosis, hematoma and gapping, by means of its high-precision camera. In this way you can classify more accurately the different qualities of the product.

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