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Por Admin  |   06 Sep 2018

The line of balers SOLUTEK has an innovative design, guaranteeing flexibility and high performance. The film tracing is done by pull belts, has variable speed control. Possibility of interconnection of packaging machines. It has quick access to the mechanical parts facilitating the maintenance, the conservation and the cleaning of the equipment.

The equipments operate through PLC and can act in perfect synchronism with vertical, horizontal and / or flow packers forming bales with one, two or three columns, according to the customer's need. With precision in the arrangement of the packages and perfect standardization of bales, our balers operate in various product specifications, as solid, liquid and unit.

Models of balers / groupers that we offer, the models can attend bales via coil or pre- formed


Automatic bailing , developed to receive flexible packages of the most diverse products of up to 03 packers simultaneously. Its forming tube , specially developed , provides a very compact rectangular bale that helps in the logistics, also in the automatic and manual palatization .



developed Equipment using special accumulator and positioner systems, ensuring the  product´s integrity, where the bale is formed horizontally from an opened film.

The system serves to bale / group products horizontally, such as diapers , napkins, square packs , tissues and similars.

In addition to reducing costs for the preformed bale, this innovative system preserves the quality of the balled product and also reducing the operating time.

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