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Por Admin  |   10 Sep 2018

We provide complete solutions for packing lines in various food segments such as sauces , salt, sugar, grains, cereals, snacks, essences, powder, chocolate, milk and dairy products, mineral water, juices , teas, energy drinks, sports drinks , soft drinks, beers, wines and liquor. We also have specialized departments for the food, chemical, agrochemical, sanitation and household cleaning industries, such as lines for paints, chemical products, cleaning products, hygiene, cosmetics, creams , liquids, pastes, granulates, pulps, pieces , according to our client´s needs .

Our equipment lines attend productions of all scales and volumes, being able to be fill PET bottle containers, glass, aluminum cans , flexible bags , plastic, pots, glasses, jars, tubes, etc.

Among our solutions, we can list tanks for storage, syrups, brassage rooms, conveyors (empty and full bottles / packages / boxes / bales / pallets), depalletizers, unpacker, PET bottle blowers, rinser, embosser, capping machine, labeling machines, packing machines, strech machines, Sleeve, bottle positioner, bottle accumulator, bales and palletizers.

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