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Por Admin  |   10 set 2018

We develop and execute special projects to meet the specific needs of each client, including hardware and software, resulting in unique and customized solutions in Coding, Traceability and Code Readers. We have our own capacity in the development of software, controllers and integration of various types of equipments as packing, filling, boxing, cartoning, flowpack, of high and low production, in the most diverse industrial platforms.

We can offer coding technology by Inkjet, Termo transference and Laser, according to the application that the client needs. We have motion systems for coding multiways / multitrack.

The guarantee of a good partnership in business is based on the tripod: better product, competitive cost and after sales service with speed and quality.

Applicable in all types of industry such as Food, Medicinal, Cosmetics, Refrigerators, Chemicals, etc. and product forms such as Unitary, Liquid, Pasty, Granulated, Frozen, Powdered, Jars, Boxes, packages, pots, bottles (glass, plastic and cardboard), etc.


Entre em contato para saber mais sobre suas necessidades e como podemos ajudá-lo a desenvolver seu projeto.
Estamos à disposição para oferecer uma solução customizada ao seu negócio.
Nossos especialistas estão prontos para ajudá-lo. Avenida Santos Dumont, 1450 - Santo Antônio CEP 89223-003 - Joinville - Santa Catarina - Brasil

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Avenida Santos Dumont, 1450 - Santo Antônio CEP 89223-003
Joinville - Santa Catarina


Mantenha-se informado sobre novidades, relatórios, projetos e aplicativos inovadores para agregar ainda mais valor aos seus produtos e manter seu negócio ainda mais competitivo.